Train-the-Trainer EPT Certification Program

Etiquette Proficiency Trainer (EPT) Certification

Etiquette is more than understanding which fork to use.  It is living with civility and treating people with dignity, respect and kindness regardless of hierarchy or beneficial importance - Agnes Koh

Teaching Etiquette is an honoured and a specialized profession. Etiquette is one's ability to create harmonious relationship with others.  It is a Social Wellness - the Well-being on social interaction, communications, behavior and respect for others.  Etiquette is an inner "alarm" constantly be aware of attitude, culture and non-offensive manners.

Many pick up various books, research from the internet and learn through a generic way. Some observe and take note of their fellow peers, while others are based on cultural brought-up.  Whichever avenue, there is no safer way to learn good business etiquette than to attend a live  training course. 

Train to be an Etiquette Proficiency Trainer (EPT) will equip you the right benchmark of the current emerging methods, skill and knowledge.   The 5-day intensive program is accredited by The Etiquette Alliance International.

Preparing Your Career as an EPT checklist:

You are passionate with an interest to embark on a career in Etiquette Consulting career. You are well-mannered, people-oriented and magnanimous at heart to help others achieve their social and behavioral goals.  Conversely, you are a trainer and wish to include Etiquette program in your course curriculum. 

The Etiquette Proficiency Trainer (EPT) certification is open for registration now.

25 - 29 July 2016

Course Details

Where : 
EII Studio @ IMM
2 Jurong East Street 21
IMM Building
Singapore 609601

Learn from Qualified and Certified Etiquette Master Trainer

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