Tuesday, March 28, 2017

美 魔女 勤 打造


Monday, June 20, 2016

What is Expected in an Etiquette & Image School?

Etiquette Proficiency Train-the-Trainer is open for registration. The five-day hands-on training and practical curriculum are conceptualized to meet the highest standards in the Etiquette and Image arena.  This certification is designed for aspiring etiquette consultants, beauty, image and style professionals, existing trainers or anyone who wish to improve his/her social and business skills.

The following conditions preceded to ensure you embark this exciting journey from the start.

We are looking for People with the highest Ethical Standard

  • We respond at first speed to your genuine inquiry.
  • We maintain the highest training quality and deliver it.
  • The ethical behaviour is our business precedent as we put people before profit.
  • In Asia, we believe in honour and respect, your polite approach is your first impression.
  • We are mindful and serious about upholding dignity and professional conduct in business.
  • Believe us, we have rejected those with money but do not have a learning attitude to begin with.  
  • Etiquette is a conventional behaviour that NO MONEY can buy.
  • Humanity, Generosity and Kindness are our business precedence.

Highest Standard in our Program

  • Master Trainer - The living proof with decades in hotels, hospitality, travel, people, customer service, fitness, image, style, health and etiquette.  These are qualities and experience of her narrative start. It's good for anyone who wish to be in the "People" industry.  After all; these are all the important elements in life.
  • The program was developed from more than four decades of work and life experiences, business and social arena.  
  • Our program is accredited by The Etiquette Alliance International, Asia-Pacific.
  • Our program is structured and we equip you with public speaking, presentation and delivery skills.  
  • Practice makes perfect.  Do what you preach and preach what you do.  This is our motto.  We have disqualified graduates that have bad attitudes.
  • We expect good ethical behaviour the moment you signed up to foster solidness, excellent character traits, just so these qualities will stay with you when you're out of our school.
  • As you stepped into our school.  Be it; you're trying to be conscious about it; or working towards it; this is a great habit.  Remember why you're here and be compelled to search deep within your consciousness, transmitting those values you learn to the next generation. Your hard work, honesty, self reliance, respect for others, empathy, kindness and faith will be very fruitful.
  • Teaching theory is in vain without imposing you to practice it in your daily life.
  • Yes, we discriminate those who have sub-standard behaviour traits after they have graduated and unable to handle situations with poised, politeness and discernment in their interpersonal relationships.  One of a good example is phone etiquette and your gratitude to everything.  Action speaks aloud.  Everything you do, there is a cause and effect.  No one in the right frame of mind would go around offending anyone; in particular;  you, as a trained person who have studied through the course.
  • The above-all attitude has no place in our school.  We adhere to business protocols and order of precedence.

Certification Precedence

  • Each day, you are given assignment, tutorials, hands-on practice and reading materials to work on.
  • Presentations, discussions and group works will be carried out during the course.
  • We train you to become an outstanding trainer who deliver results.
  • We expect an open mind and ready to be transformed and absorbed.
  • Attitude is everything in Etiquette.  There is no point looking like a diva on the outside but portrays negative energy with no charisma. 
  • When it comes to Etiquette, positive energy, helpfulness, attracting and sustaining relationships with people are good qualities you aspire to possess.
  • These are qualities you are paid to impart your expertise. Be a good role model.
Expectation Vs Reality
  • Do not expect to be fed...  You reap what you sow.  Play your role well.
  • Good trainer works hard and use the baits they taught to get out and fish.
  • You were given the skills taught on how to catch the fishes, so use it diligently.
  • At the end of the day, your success is decided by the audiences who engaged you. 
  • Practice makes perfect.  Leave ego out of and from your name.
  • We are a training provider and not an employment agency.  It takes two hands to clap.  We will extend assignments to those who set the highest standard and uplift our corporate brand.  
  • It's no different from any corporations; the same expectation is applied to those who perform and being remunerated for their good works.
  • You have already paid for the knowledge in the course.  Our job is done. 
  • We are not obliged for any other demands; mentorship is in the form of guidance and not "Do-it-for-you" style like what you expect from your parents.
  • Is Etiquette consultant your cup of tea? This course will totally transform you inside-out even you're not going to be one.
  • This course will foster you to be a more captivating person. Knowledge is for Life!
Do you have what it takes to be a successful trainer?

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Are you Ready?
Call us for a non-obligated face-to-face enquiry.  We welcome you with open arms.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Color Wheel

Color Wheel
Color detains our brain attention.  It sends a powerful message and meet the universe.  The color has an important role in everyone's personality and influence our decision.  Join our International Style & Image Coach Certification and learn the power of applying colors in your life.

Color Wheel by agneskoh

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Phuket 2015

Yoga & Wellness Retreat is one of the leading retreat comprises of four elements of Physical, Mental, Emotion and Fun Spirit.  Besides enjoying the health benefits of yoga and fitness classes such as Zumba and Piloxing, self managing your emotion and revitalizing your mental strength are added attributes to your physical health.  You will get to experience the warm hospitality of the 5-star Holistic service at The Senses Resort.

This retreat is designed to equip and enrich you the knowledge of living your social and corporate life to the fullest. Our experienced trainers are there to transform and refresh your melancholic thoughts (if any).  This non-intimidating, fun and leisure retreat is all you can have under one package.  

With no hidden cost, our goal is to provide a platform and inspiring talks for everyone to destress, connect your deeper self, manage your mental emotions and reflect your goal in life.  As a result, you are rejuvenated, refreshed, redirected in your mental and physical shift.

There is no retreat that fits all.  We pride ourselves offering a variety of programs during the retreat to meet your practices and wants. You will be so relaxed and pampered with the healthy meals, deluxe stays, ballroom learning environment without compromising your travel luxury. You have to do what is right for yourself, nobody else is walking in your shoes.  Letting go is like breathing, when you let go, you breathe a better essence.

You will get your relaxation time as the island don't get busy till the wee hours.  Authentic Thai massage, seafood, sun bathing, swimming, spa and shopping are things you can do in Phuket. 

From now till 31 August 2015, we celebrate SG50 with an exclusive offer not-to-be-missed and this is limited to only 10 bookings on first-come-first-booked basis.

Look forward to having you on board!

Call us at HP: 92480065 or email us at agnes@eiifitwell.com

Monday, May 4, 2015

How to match Monochromatic Pieces

Must-Have Summer 2015 Monochrome

Ideal for more Casual, Creative and laid back workplace (Available at Amosome.com)

Sleek and Trim Shawl Lapel Jumpsuit is ideal for Business Casual. 
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Round neck Jumpsuit is so feminine and make head turns for the youthful gen. 
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

A tribute to Senior Lee Kuan Yew, our founding Father

As we mourn and grief the sad day today, Senior Lee Kuan Yew, Rest in Peace and you will be remembered.  Your spirit fought high in the last 50 years.  My tears flowed uncontrollably.  You took Singapore from a third, kampong, swamps to where we are today, First World.

Coming from the era of your system, we deeply received your policies made with your people at heart.

The Legend that left behind is the one that everyone tangibly received, felt, benefited and touched from your giving heart.  Your life was dedicated to the country and no one in the world can sacrifice a LIFE for a nation.

3 years of own retirement life shown how deeply you cared.  My heart grief to see you go.  Your striving spirit will live on as a reminder to us.

"I have no regrets, I have spent my life, so much of it, building up this country.  There's nothing more that I need to do.  At the end of the day, what have I got?

A successful Singapore.

What have I given up?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew
23 March 2015

P.S. The man who passed on in the dawn hour, leaves all three meals for the Nation.  It is the symbol of a Father of our Nation bestow 3 meals to the next generation.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's been an exciting year filled with Greater Glory.  Thank you everyone for making our year filled with Honor and Glory.  Let's welcome another leap of breakthrough in 2015!